Memories – The Early Years

(1870 – 1919)

Most of the early years in Saluda Township were found by Saluda alumni members in The New Washington Courier articles on microfilm at the library in Charleston, Indiana. We found school events from as far back as 1870, so we included information and notations even before Saluda High School officially opened its doors in 1910. Because of the amount of information and photographs, the “Memories” pages have been divided into four separate web pages.


Teachers’ Association of Saluda Township meets on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month at Center school house. All teachers are respectfully invited to attend. I. B. Mount is the secretary.


– An epidemic of measles in the schools


– There was much talk about moving the Riverside schoolhouse to the de Harrell place.


May 20 – The graduating exercises for Saluda Township schools will be May 27. The commencement exercises of the common schools of Saluda Township will be held at Mt. Zion tonight. There are five graduates. The following is a list with subjects of their orations: Influence of Early Settlers, James Lowery; Cuba and Liberty, Myra Bare; Fact and Fiction, Leota Palmer; The Schools of Responsibility, E. C. Bare; Aim in Life, Ora Payne. The preceding will be interspersed with vocal and instrumental music.

October 1Sweet Saluda school is about completed. Professor Newman, well known artist of Buzzard Point, is putting on the finishing touches. Howard Benham had been awarded the contract for building the school at a $490 figure (Marble Hill Era, newspaper).


April 29 – There will be a graduating exercise at Mt. Zion on the last Saturday night next month. The graduating exercises for Saluda township schools will be May 27. The Chelsea Orchestra will furnish the music for the Saluda Township commencement. Trustee George Monroe is afflicted with a sight condition.


March 31 – The Saluda Schools will present “On the Brink”, a temperance play, at Woodmen Hall next week.

April 7 – Miss Daisy Payne will teach a summer school at Sweet Saluda school house.

April 21 – Miss Bessie Consley is teaching a spring school at Center. Saluda has an epidemic of the mumps at Center and College Comer.

Spring – Souvenir Program, Center School, District 10, 1898-1899, Prudence Taylor, Teacher

April 21College Corner Sunday School reorganized by electing Ed Tolbert, Superintendent; Robert McKeand, Assistant; Mattie Mount, Secretary and Treasurer.

June 2 – The Saluda Amateur Dramatic will present “Down in Dixie” at the Sweet Saluda school house at an early date.

June 3 – Strawberry Festival to be held at College Corner.

June 20 – Trustee Monroe is talking of purchasing a rock crusher for Saluda Township to improve roads for schools and farmers. A Lantern Entertainment showing some of the fine scenery of the Great American Caverns will be given by Mr. W. A. Britan for the benefit of the Sunday school at College Corner, Saturday night, August 19.

September 25 – Resolutions of respect offered by the teachers of Saluda Township, Jefferson County, in memory of James H. Mount, deceased.

November 18 – The pie supper at Davidson’s School house, under the management of Prudence Taylor, was very largely attended.


June 15 – John McDonald, Samuel Stucker and Andrew Taff constitute the advisory board of Saluda Township, Jefferson County.

October 17 – Reverend O. D. Maple of Springfield, Illinois will preach at College Corner school house next Sunday at 3 o-clock.

October 18 – School has not yet commenced at “College Corner” owing to the sickness of the teacher, Miss Maggie Phillips. The Saluda Township Teachers’ Institute will hold its second meeting at Center School house on Oct. 28.

November 7 – Mr. G. S. Taylor, county superintendent, visited the schools of Saluda Township last week. An appropriate Arbor Day program was observed at Center. B. W. Noell is the teacher in charge.

November 20 – The oyster supper at White Oak Friday night was largely attended.

November 27 – Last evening College Corner gave one of the grandest successes in the way of a pie and oyster supper that has ever been given for some time. The house was filled to its uttermost capacity and all were very liberal with their money. Fruit, candy, and peanuts were served at the stand. The well-made soup was brought by the ladies to a table decorated with flowers. The ladies of the surrounding vicinity kindly brought in a number of pies, which were enjoyed by all who were lucky enough to get one. The pretty girls present were voted upon. The prize being a cake. The vote stood as follows: Mamie McDonald, 200; Laura Tolbert, 117; Ethel Marlin, 112.

More Prizes

Another useful and beautiful prize given was a rocking chair. Tickets for the chair were sold at 10 cents each. Just before the crowd dispersed, duplicate tickets were placed in a jar and Mr. Tolbert was chosen from the audience to be blindfolded and draw the tickets from the jar. Nine tickets were drawn, and the number on the ninth to be the lucky one. As the ninth ticket was drawn quietness reigned supreme. Number 35 was drawn and it was announced that Mr. Joseph Benham had drawn the chair. Several of the pupils gave recitations and the music was furnished by Robert McKeand and sister, Mattie Mount. The proceeds, $11.42, will be used to increase the public library by purchasing Reading Circle books for the school. On behalf of the school, The Madison Courier was requested to extend thanks to patrons and friends who so amiably supported them in their efforts.

December 5 – Professor W. L. Walker is conducting a successful school at White Oak.

December 28 – The Christmas tree at College Corner was well attended and many useful and valuable presents were distributed.


January 20 – The College Corner school has revived their new library of which they are very proud. Trustee Monroe has provided book cases for the school. Professor Walker will close his school at White Oak this year with a grand exhibition.

March 19 – School commenced at College Corner with Maggie Phillips as teacher. County Superintendent Fewell visited the schools in Saluda Township and reports everything is moving along nicely.

May 31 – There will be a strawberry festival at College Corner, June 8, for the benefit of the Sunday school.

December 6 – The commissioners will purchase the toll roads in the county. Better travel for school pupils.


AprilTeachers in the area: Messrs W. R. Phillips, Edmund Tolbert and Miss Annie Reed have gone to Marion to attend school. Mr. B. M. Noell is attending the State Normal School at Terre Haute.

May 23 – Preaching at Sweet Saluda school house next Sunday at 2:30 by Reverend Camey (Later preached at Tryus Universalist church)

June 29 – A camp of modern woodmen will be organized at Center, Tuesday, June 25th.

September 1James H. Lee and wife Rachel Lee of Jefferson County convey and warrant to Trustee of Saluda transfer for the sum of Fifty Dollars for the following real estate: To Wit: Beginning at the stone in the New Madison and Bethlehem Road where the lands of James H. Lee and George Long intersect. Thence, west to place of beginning containing about one acre. To be used as a public school grounds (Riverside school).

September 12 – School books have been furnished.


February 20 – Public schools of Saluda will close tomorrow.

April 7 – Mary Sample will attend State Normal at Terre Haute, IN. Several teachers of Saluda Township left this week for State Normal. (Teacher Training Institute)

April 23 – Trustee Dawson is taking enumeration of the school children. May 8 – the report of the school enumeration in this township shows a decrease of 21 from last year.

May 27 – The annual commencement of Saluda Township public schools will be held sometime the last of June or the first of July. Annual Commencement – The commencement exercises of Saluda township public schools held at Mt. Zion M. E. Church Wednesday night, Aug.29, were interesting and instructive and reflected great credit upon the graduates and their teachers. There were ten graduates: Ruby Hearn, Harley Reed, Daisy Wilson, Pearl Davis, Clyde Hutsel, Belle Giltner, Clara Davis, Alfred Lawson, Amy Hutsel and Fanny Reed, all of which rendered their orations very creditably. The music furnished by the Progress Orchestra was highly entertaining.

September 18Fairview school will begin September 22 with Mr. W S. Pender as teacher.

September 25 – Trustee Dawson of Saluda Township has selected and placed the following teachers: B.G. Hearn, Marble Hill; W. E. Holmes, Sweet Saluda; WS. Pender, Fairview; Harry H. Stodghill, Riverside; Chas Monroe, Ten Cent; L. D. Eldridge, Center; A. M Bennett, Sheep Run; B. W Noell, Mills; W. L Walker, College Comer; W.R. Phillips, Frog Pond; E. B. Tolbert, Davidson; Robert McKeand, Egypt.

October 2 – Mr. B. W. Noell is not able to teach school at Mills due to an illness.

October 30Riverside school is progressing nicely. Thanks to our teacher (Stodghill).

December 11 – There will be a railroad meeting at Center schoolhouse on Tuesday, December 9, 2 p.m.

December 17 – Ed Berry has completed the new school house.


January 22Roll of Honor, Sweet Saluda school – The following pupils of District No. 2 have neither been absent nor tardy during the month ending Jan. 9, 1903: Ira S. Holmes, Fernette Henney, Eddie Holmes, Bertha Rankin, Hattie Holmes and Frank Stucker.

February 6 – Our school is progressing nicely under the proficient management of Professor B. (Benjamin) Noell, at College Corner.

February 20Professor C. L. Monroe entertained his pupils with a Valentine Party, Friday which was enjoyed by all at Union Hall, No. 14.

February, 27 – The school in Union Hall is progressing nicely, C. L. Monroe, teacher.

March 6 – Mrs. Mary Phillips is teaching school at Frog Pond. B. W. Noell will attend the State Normal after the close of his school.

March 13 – There will be an exhibition at Frog Pond school house on March 27.

March 20Union Hall school closes this week. The White Oak school is making preparations for an entertainment Friday, next, under the management of Mrs. W. R. Phillips who will join her husband in Louisville at the close of school.

April 3 – B. W. Noell is attending State Normal after the close of school at College Corner. Frog Pond school is closed Friday.

May 29 Professor C. L. Monroe died at his home in Saluda Township on May 14.

August 28 – Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Noell and Will Phillips attended the teachers’ institute at Madison last week from the Saluda schools.

December 23 – Schools will close until after Christmas.


January 29 – Two of B. W. Noell’s pupils took the teachers examination Saturday; Miss Clara Davis and Belle Harris. Mr. Noell went to the examination at Madison on Friday evening.

March 25 – Whooping cough is on the rampage in the schools.


January 6 – The week before the holidays, Superintendent Garfield Hoard and Trustee W C. Dawson visited the schools of Saluda Township. John Swan will become the new trustee.

January 11 “Excitement at Paynesville” – Professor Eldridge introduced the Simplified Spelling in his school and the other day the sentence, “The boy kist the girl”, came before the grammar class. Some of the scholars contended that kist was a verb – present, past and future, but was finally decided to be an osculefory exclamation. (This would seem to be a spoof about the class and a boy kissing a girl, not a real grammar exercise.)

February 10 – A lot of whooping cough in the schools. W. S. Pender is able to teach school after a week’s illness.

March 10 – Most of the schools of Saluda Township will close about the last of March.

AprilAlma Warner successfully passed the examination for graduation from the eighth grade. She is the second graduate of White Oak. Dallas Noell of the class of 1901 being the first.

October 10 – Miss Belle Harris is teaching school at Riverside. Harley and Fannie Reed attended the pie supper at Riverside Saturday night. George Wilhem, student, captured the prize at Riverside pie supper. It was a water set.

November 30 Pie supper at Ten Cent School Sat., November 25th. Pie Supper at Mills, Wed. night, November 29th.


July 1 – The pie supper at Ten Cent by the ball team netted $20.00. The pretty Miss Burke was awarded the fine cake. The commencement at Mt. Zion last Tuesday night proved a great success. The graduates were Teresa Hutsel, Nora Galbreath, Mamie Rankin, Ora B. Hearne, Argus Dean and Theron Bare.

October 12 – School opened at Ten Cent last Monday with forty in attendance. Mr. Van Plake of Deputy is the teacher. There will be a pie supper at Ten Cent Saturday night, Oct 20th. Work on the Saluda pike is progressing rapidly, being completed from Scott County to College Corner, east of Chelsea before school starts.


March – There will be a play at Ten Cent on Friday night, March 2nd.

May – The following pupils passed the eighth grade examination in Saluda Township: Archie Pender, Leroy Dawson, Chas D. Rankin, Mabel Monroe and Mayme Bibs.

September 20Mary Sample has gone to Earlington, KY to assume her duties as director of the “Singin Skule”.

September 30 – Trustee John A. Swan has selected the following teachers for the coming term which begins Sept. 30th:

– Marble Hill, Mr. Van Plake
– Sweet Saluda, Mr. Loren Roberts
– Fairview, Guy Pender
– Ten Cent, W. S. Pender
– Sheep Run, Florence Moore
– Mills, Will Walker
– White Oak, Benjamin W. Noell
– Davidson, Lowell D. Eldridge
– Egypt, Fannie Reed
– Riverside, W. E. Holmes
– College Comer, Baris G. Hearn


July 10 – The annual commencement of the Saluda Township public schools was held at Mt. Zion M E Church last night. The program was quite lengthy with each graduate participating. The following are the graduates: Forest Reed, Edward McDonald, Bessie Amos, Earl Bare, Floyd Reed, Venia Righthouse, Horace Reed, Hazel Gorrell, Forest Hearn, Ella Snodgrass, Earl Moore, Agnes Kleopher, Harry Well, George Kleopher, Minnie Reed and Iva Payne. County Superintendent Charles T. Fewell presented the diplomas.

November 6 – Saluda and Egypt schools played ball Friday. Score in favor of Egypt.

November 20College Corner is progressing nicely under the proficient management of W. L. Walker. Mary Wilson who is attending high school in Madison spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks. (Students transferred to Madison and Hanover to complete high school.)


February 19 – Ten Cent school is preparing a play for the last day of school.

April 2 – The Play at Guy Pender’s school (Fairview) was largely attended and all were well entertained. Guy Pender will leave to accept a position as a book agent.

June 11 – The Pocahontas supper at College Corner was largely attended. The Saluda Township commencement will be held at Paynesville on June 24th. “Old Saluda Never Fails” President Symmes of the Indiana Business College and County Superintendent Fewell made the trip to Saluda Thursday night when the annual commencement of the graduates of the Saluda Township schools took place at Mt. Zion M E church.

There was disappointment over the non-appearance of President Millis who was unavoidably absent, but in his stead Professor Campbell of Hanover College addressed the class. The program interspersed with stirring music, began with an invocation by W. S. Pender. Miss Sylvia Wilhelm presented a fine essay on “School Girls”. Emmett Eldridge spoke eloquently on “The Permanence of Grant’s Fame”, and Miss Frances Bruther declaimed in a winning way the value of “A Good Name”. Professor Fewell presented the diplomas. The class motto was “Grow”. Class Flower, white rose; Class colors, purple and gold. Misses Fannie Reed and Florence Moore were the fair ushers.

September 29Ella C. Dean and Charles E. Dean, her husband, of Jefferson County, in consideration of Twenty five Dollars paid by Trustee of Saluda Township and his successors: Commencing at a stone at the south west comer of the south east quarter of section nineteen, containing one acre more or less. The premises to be held in trust by W. C. Dawson, Trustee, Saluda. The property if vacated will be returned to the owner to which it originally belonged, Marble Hill school.

November 12 – Ed Arbuckle, teacher, dismissed school at Egypt on Monday to attend the funeral of his uncle, Edward Holmes.

December 17 – The teachers of Saluda Township attended the Teachers’ Association at Madison Friday night and Saturday.


April 22Whooping cough has been raging in Saluda Township schools.

March 9Martin A. Hardy and Lizzie Hardy, his wife, convey and warrant to W. C. Dawson, Trustee of Saluda Township, and his successors for the sum of one dollar, the receipt of which is to acknowledge the following real estate, in Jefferson County, containing one acre as the above parcel of land is described, Frog Pond school.

May 20 – SALUDA TOWNSHIP, Graduating Exercises – This evening Professor C.T. Fewell will deliver the address at the Saluda Township common school commencement tonight when diplomas will be presented to the following 18 graduates: Elsie Bruther, Roy Pender, Sophia Wells, Curtis Warner, Beryl Hammond, Harvey Ham, Earl Horner, Emory Haskell, Alice E Stroup, Cordon Carney, Clarence Nichols, Hattie Holmes, Mary Lawson, Gladys Kuhn, Harley Kuhn, Earl Scott, Laura Dawson and Morris Mills. Trustee W.C. Dawson will preside.

May 26 – The baseball nine (independent) of Chelsea will give an ice cream supper at College Comer schoolhouse, Friday night, June 3. The commencement exercises at Mt. Zion were largely attended and the address given by Professor Tryon was excellent. Music was furnished by the Flint Ridge Band.

July 13Israel B. Mount and Elizabeth C. Mount, his wife, in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) convey and warrant to William C. Dawson, Trustee of Saluda School Township, in Jefferson County in the state of Indiana and his successors the following described real estate in Jefferson County: a stone being at a point where the Lexington and London commonly known as the London road at the Hanover and New Washington road, commonly known as the New Washington road cross. In case the premises shall be abandoned for school purposes it shall revert to Israel Mount. (Saluda High School)

May 13 – Saluda Township will probably get a high school building. The school will be located on the corner west of Reed’s hay barn.

August 26 – The high school is not progressing very rapidly owing to the failure of the sawmills to furnish the lumber.

September 23 – Work on the new school building is progressing rapidly and will probably be ready for the opening of the present term of school.

October 7 – The schools of Saluda Township opened Monday, October 3rd. The high school will hold forth at the old school building at Center until the new building is completed. The preliminary institute was held at College Corner schoolhouse on Wednesday, September 28th. All the teachers were present and were assigned to their respective schools. Professor Levi Burnworth, who will teach at the high school, has moved to Paynesville.

December 7 – NEW HIGH SCHOOL – To be formally dedicated Dec 10, Professor Charles T. Fewell, County Superintendent of Education, has just returned from Saluda Township where he was visiting the different schools of the township this week. He reports all the schools in excellent condition with the largest attendance up to the present of any year of his service. The new high school building has just been completed, and the schools are now occupying. The building will be formally dedicated Saturday, December 10th. All patrons and interested friends are cordially invited to attend and take part in the exercise connected with the dedication.

December 10 – (From The Madison Courier) – The Saluda school is a modern building and one that the people of Saluda Township can well feel proud of. They have a large class of beginners. It will be of great value to the community. Patrons, you should see the building and think what good it will be to yours, your neighbors’ boys or girls, before you pass your opinion on it. Trustee Dawson and the advisory board deserve much credit for their zealous work on the new high school building. The Saluda High School building was formerly dedicated with appropriate ceremonies. Professor Burnworth was master of ceremonies. The students rendered some very appropriate music, showing to good advantage Saluda’s musical talent. Professor Burnworth gave a talk on the advantages of a high school to Saluda Township. Dr Mills, of Hanover, gave and instructive and inspiring talk. Professor Phelps, of Hanover, made his first speech in Saluda, and we will be glad to hear him again. Auditor elect A. M. Taff presented the school with a fine flag and in the absence of W. S. Pender made the presentation speech. Professor Burnworth responded with a few well chosen remarks. The ceremonies closed with three cheers as Old Glory floated into place at the-top of the flagstaff. Professor Burnworth is now holding school in the new school building. Several of the teachers of this township contemplate attending the State Teachers’ Association of Indianapolis.

December 16 – County Superintendent Fewell visited the schools in Saluda Township and reports that everything is moving along nicely.

December 31 – T.F. Benham, our successful teacher at Tadpole (Frog Pond) schoolhouse, had a fine treat for his scholars.


January 6 – Dallas Noell entered the new school (Saluda High school building), Monday.

January 20 – The little folks at College Corner school enjoyed two and half days of holidays on account of exam days.

January 27 – The new high school is progressing nicely (Saluda High School).

April 28 – Sam Stucker and Martin Payne purchased the Center School building and are tearing it down for removal. F. O. Taylor purchased the bell.


April 26 – The Saluda High School closed a successful term April 17. The school was under the proficient management of Professor Levi Burnworth, principal, and Professor Roy Dawson, coach.

June 28Miss Mary Sample has returned from Cincinnati, where she recently graduated from the Cincinnati College of Music. (Miss Mary taught band, drum corps, baton and flag corps at Saluda during the 1950s).

November 1 – A large number from Saluda attended the basketball game at Hanover Saturday. The basketball game between Lexington and Chelsea resulted in a score of 18 to 22 in favor of Chelsea. (Editor’s Note: Not sure if this was a school or independent game.)

November 22 – The Marble Hill School has closed because two of Irvin Moore’s children have scarlet fever.

December 6 – The basketball game between Saluda and New Washington resulted in a score of 34 to 13 in favor of Saluda.

December 18 – A large crowd from Saluda attended the basketball game between Saluda High School and Cragmont.


October 10 – Miss Eva Payne is teaching the Marble Hill School in Saluda Township. Basketball team: Herby Ham, Earl Homer, Emory Huttsell and Charles Monroe.


June 5 – The high school and common school commencement of Saluda Township will be held at Tyrus, June 4th. Klein’s orchestra will furnish the music. Recollections written by Sophia Wells Monroe, Class of 1914: “Levi Burnworth was the first principal, Roy Dawson was the coach. We had no gymnasium so we played outside.”


– The following information about Saluda schools was taken from the Indiana State Superintendent’s report and survey. Saluda is to be organized as a vocational high school and an agent of the State Board of Education. Special teachers are to be employed to teach agriculture. Teachers were to spend a total of 90 minutes per week on agriculture and 35 minutes on domestic instruction. The instruction in art is to be cultivating an appreciation for the countryside and not skills in expression. In Saluda Township, College Corner, Sheep Run, Mills and Ten Cent are to be combined with Saluda High School. The four remaining one-room schools in the southern part of the township are to be combined at Paynesville.

There is a need to improve the amount of time for recitation. In one-room schools the time is 14 minutes and will increase to 21 in consolidated schools. The number of school days is 117 and needs to increase. The amount of tax money for schools is 2.32 cents per one hundred assessments. There were 465 new students in the five years prior to 1915 in Saluda Township. Saluda teachers’ education level: 3 had not attended high school, 2 had attended two years, and six had graduated from high school. The official announcement read: The annual commencement of the graduates of Saluda Township schools, at Tryus Universalist Church, Wednesday Evening, June 23rd, 1915.

Roy Dawson was the basketball and baseball coach. On the basketball team: Charles Monroe, Herbert Jones, Paul Rankin, Lawrence Roberts, Andrew Jackson, Homer King, Frank Arbuckle, and Verne Hooker. The schedule was Kent, Hanover, Charlestown and Deputy. Claude Hardy, a freshman, stated that the colors were red, blue, and some white. There was a girls’ basketball team: Lora Lawson, Beulah Goins, Ethel Davidson, Lizzie Sampson, Martha Jackson and Mable Goins. The coach was Ora Hearn.

1916 – 1917

– Official County Report: Superintendent Joseph Hanna, Saluda Township: Dr. Robert A.J. McKeand, Trustee, Lexington, IN R.2; No. 1, Marble Hill, Fanny Reed; No 2, Sweet Saluda, L. D. Eldridge; No. 3, Fairview, Gladys Kuhn; No.4, Ten Cent, L. C. Protsman; No. 5, Sheep Run; Mabel Goins; No. 6, Mills, Sophia Wells; No. 7, Frog Pond, Dallas A. Noell; No. 9, Egypt, Freda Roberts; No. 10 Saluda High School, Levi Burnworth, Principal; No. 10, Saluda High School, Ora Hearn, Assistant Principal; No. 10, Saluda High School, the Grades, L. W. Roberts; No. 11, Riverside, Laura Dawson; No. 12 College Corner, W. L. Walker.

(Numbers for school districts changed as some were moved or were consolidated.)

1917 – In Saluda Township the College Corner, Sheep Run, Mills and Ten Cent schools may be combined with Saluda High School, and the three or possibly four schools in the south end of the township at Paynesville, leaving two one-room schools in the river bluff country.

1918 – 1919Fairview school, District No.3, Saluda Township, Jefferson Co. Indiana, Telma V. Stucker, teacher; Robert McKeand, Trustee; W. Guy Pender, Superintendent.

1919 – 1920’sRecalls from Quthbert Benham. He told the story about the boys and himself playing basketball at College Corner. It had a cinder base for the ball court and many a boy skinned the hide off of themselves while playing among whom were Omer and Claude Hardy. Across the road from the school was the baseball diamond.

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