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(1946 – 1960)


The Junior and Senior trip was to Mammoth Cave, KY. Members of the Senior/Junior classes wrote a monthly newsletter, titled “Saluda Highlights”. It included drawings, gossip, news, and athletic results. The Highlight staff in1946: editor, Juanita Taylor; assistant editor, Gilbert Boyer; art editors, Kathleen Lawson, Norma Madden; society editor, Dorothy Hay: business mgr., Lois Richards; mimeographers, Billy Stucker, Ora Lee Wilson and Arlan King; sports, Lucille Berry, Billy Stucker; reporters, Dorothy Hay, Adeleen Auxier, Dorothy Hyatt, Wallace Reed; prophecy, Edwin Hardy and Gilbert Boyer.


– At the end of the year the seven seniors and thirteen juniors loaded ourselves into Mr. Schirmer’s bus and headed for Niagara Falls, Buffalo, and other scenic points. The basketball team won 15 games out of 19 and were the Jefferson County Tournament champs. The score was Saluda 29 and Deputy 19. The team members were Lanier Arbuckle, Harvey Baker, Allen Darrah, James Goode, Louis Hall, Nelson Hay, Bud King, Bill Nighbert, Wallace Reed and Ora Lee Wilson. Coach, Floyd Stillhammer. Arlan “Bud” King was chosen as the most valuable player. Cheerleaders: Adaleen Auxier, Kathleen Lawson and Louise Pulliam.


– The basketball team members coached by Loren Davidson were: Arlan King, Alan Darrah, Nelson Hay, Lowell Dean, Harvey Baker, Joel Auxier, Clifford Bare and Bruce Bell. As freshmen, there was a picnic at Clifty, but they forgot the wieners and saw the movie “Thunderhead, Son of Flicka”. The Senior trip was five days in the North: Detroit, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and parts of Canada. The commencement motto was “Through Trials to Triumph” and the graduates wore black and white gowns. Improvements: excavation of store room, room next to it and boys’ dressing room, installing water heater and showers for the boys, gym bleachers procured from Madison High School, teachers paid $50.00 each to have an art and music teacher, inside stairway to basement built, improvement in Math and Science rooms, and the cistern completed.


– The Saluda basketball teams would go to “Club 107” on State Rd. 107 north of the junction of St. Rd. 56 (In 2010, State Highway 62) after the local ball games. The team and cheerleaders would be fed by the school system. It came on the scene after WW II. Popular as a place to eat for a short time.

– As Juniors, they went on a school trip with the Seniors to St. Augustine, FL. “All the high school teachers went and everybody had a good time.” Miss Mary Sample directed the play, “Uncle Rube”. The Senior/Junior play was, “Antics of Andrew”, starring senior Johnny Clapp. Basketball schedule included: Hanover, Henryville, Hayden, Central, North Madison, Deputy, New Washington, Lexington, Dupont and Cross Plains. One of the trip fundraisers was the choosing of the basketball king and queen to be honored at the annual basketball banquet. “Here is the method of voting: each candidate possesses a can having a slot in which voters deposit dimes, quarters and dollars. The one with the most money is the king and queen.” The softball team’s ace pitcher was John Rankin and his back-up was Donald O’Neal. The cross-country team had 11 boys who participated with Junior Bell as the ace runner.


– The Christmas party was held in the Soda Bowl at Hanover College. They attributed their successful fund raising efforts to Mr. Marvin “Tubby” Amos who was a Hanover College grad. The Junior class trip was to New Orleans. “Some of the most memorable places were St. Louis Cathedral, Parkman Oaks, Huey P. Long Bridge, and Hotel de Soto.” Breaking the tradition of traveling on a school bus, they charted a White Star bus for the Senior trip to Canada.


– As Juniors, they “joined a merry class of Seniors” and took a nice long trip to Niagara Falls. The basketball team won the Lexington Holiday Invitational Tournament at Scottsburg. The players’ whose names are engraved on the trophy are: Maurice Auxier, Hildon Bell, Arlin Hooker, Jim Ingraham, Burlyn Jackson, Paul Lock, Douglas Stanley, Bradley Turner, Leroy Stockdale, Chasteen Williams and John Bare, Coach. To fund a new stage curtain, the school under the auspices of Miss Mary Sample sold advertisements to local businesses. The names of the businesses were painted on the stage.


– Our class was the first to have a sixth grade basketball team. Maurice Auxier arranged the game with someone from Eggleston by the name of Popeye. Mr. Clete Hooker agreed to be the coach. The game was played during noon hour in the gym. The Junior trip was to New Orleans on Harry Shirmer’s bus. The sites visited were: St. Louis Cathedral, French Quarters, Jackson Square, and our lodging at “Hotel de Soto”. Mrs. Mildred Wood, English, history and Latin teacher, invited the class to serve as ushers in her home in Madison during the Madison Tour of Homes. Mrs. Doris Patton, commercial teacher, organized the first proms and taught us how to two-step. Mr. John A. Danglade organized the first sports field day and a girl’s basketball tournament with the boys as cheerleaders. While the boys were learning to play basketball under Mr. Corwin Benham, the girls were in Mrs. Mary Lou Myers’s home economics class preparing for their role as future housewives. As Seniors, they traveled to Florida. Fundraisers for the trip were: the class plays, “Bolts and Nuts” and Where’s Grandma”, candy store, magazine drives, basketball banquets, and yearbooks. The boys wore light blue gowns and the girls wore white as they walked down the aisle to receive the diploma at the commencement and end “our happy school days.”


– Hildon Bell received the “Most Valuable Player” trophy at the New Washington Holiday Basketball tourney. The Senior trip was to New Orleans in Harry Schirmer’s bus with the Juniors. Everyone boarded the bus immediately after commencement. All experienced the stressful passenger ride on the streetcars in New Orleans which were segregated with designated colored seating. Not knowing the racial barrier, the students moved the signs to provide more seating. Not a good move. The highlight was the dinner, hats, dressy dresses, white gloves, ties, and white shirts at The Court of Two Sisters Restaurant.

Doug Stanley recalls: For fundraisers, the school would invite the professional “Donkey Basketball Game” organization to the school. The male population, including students and faculty, rode the saddled donkeys! For some riders, the donkey was so short their feet touched the floor. There would be two rival teams competing on the gymnasium floor. Some donkeys would go, some would try to buck-off their rider and some would live up to their reputation-balk. The community packed the house for this event and raised the rafters with laughter.

By Barbara King Clapp, “55 years ago, since graduation and our Jr/Sr trip to St. Augustine, we visited Florida. One of our tours of the local attractions, I noted , ‘The Fountain of Youth’, from which waters we all had taken a drink. We drove into the entrance, I noted , ‘Been Here…Done that! No need to pay the entrance fee to go again.’ My witty son-in-law suggested that ‘you might want to go tell them, l want my money back!’ How True!”


– The Junior play was directed by Mrs. Mildred Wood. It was a hilarious comedy titled, “Mama’s Baby Boy”. Mama’s baby boy was played by Harold Harsin. The first stop of the Junior trip to New Orleans was at a hotel in Birmingham, AL. There had been an attack or a murder as security was checking all persons and Mrs. Doris Patton patrolled the halls outside of the girls’ rooms all night. The Senior trip was to Daytona Beach and St. Augustine with the 1956 class.

Janice Hardy Stanley,1955, recollection: The school had a coal-fired furnace in the basement. The roofing was wooden shingles. When Harry Pender would shovel the coal into the furnace, sparks would fly out of the chimney into the air and ignite the wooden shingles. The fire alarm would ring a loud bong and we would all march out the door. Miss Gladys would tell us to go to the trees. Usually, the high school boys would climb up onto the roof and using a bucket brigade, put out the flames in short order.

However, once, the blaze had a head start. Miss Gladys became so concerned that she and other teachers returned into the burning building. They frantically threw the books out the windows for the students to pick up and ‘run for your life back to the trees’.


– Dedication of the yearbook was to Principal John A. Danglade. As freshmen, they chose Mary Lou Myers as sponsor and gave a tea party for their mothers. Class rings were ordered as was the traditional practice for sophomores. As Juniors, the annual class play was “Cyclone Sally”, a comedy directed by Mrs. Mildred Wood. The ]unior trip was to Daytona Beach with the Seniors, and the Senior trip was to New Orleans. LA. Mrs. Wood again directed a comedy “Look Out, Lizzie”. In addition to the normal fundraisers for trips were: paper and scrap iron drives.


– The highlight of this year was the winning basketball team. The Madison Courier headlines read: “Saluda Blasts Dupont 64-29; Saluda Trims Cross Plains by 70-45 Count; HANOVER TOPPLED BY SALUDA LIONS, Bulldogs Upset 71-53.” Team members: Donald Bair, Larry Steams, Jerry Horine, Frank Taylor, John Consley, Marshall Huttsell, Dennis Horine, Leslie Cook, Terry Jackson, Donald Montgomery and coach, Delbert King.


– The Senior basketball queen was Ellen Davis who was escorted by Donald Montgomery and crowned by Jerry Horine. One class trip was to St. Augustine and some drank from the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth. New Orleans was their other destination. Favorite activities for the classmates were; sock hops after basketball games, dining at Park-N-Eat and Windrift Drive-Ins, outdoor theater-Skyline, and skating around Bear’s Roller Bowl in Madison.


– The basketball queen was Nora Darrah who was escorted and crowned by Dwight Bruther. Volz Chevrolet, Inc., Madison, IN leased the car to the school for Driver Education lessons. The annual staff was editor,]udy Oles; assistant Nancy Montgomery; business manager, Philip Bibb; Sports editor, Les Cook; photographer, Kenneth Hostetler.


– A sad year for those loyal to the Saluda community school as it was consolidated with Hanover and named Southwestern. The staff and students suffered a great sorrow during the year. Mrs. Sue Schneider, the home economics and history teacher, was killed in an automobile accident west of the school. On a very foggy morning, her car and a school bus hit head-on near a one lane bridge. Janice Hardy was the last graduate to return as a teacher to her alma mater, teaching Latin and Social Studies. During this golden year anniversary, a unique incident happened. The county had placed a young teenage girl in a township home and enrolled at Saluda. She was of a different attitude than the Saluda students. The Senior boys gleefully teased her because she became very angry. After one boyish encounter, she chased Senior, Leslie Cook, into the assembly hall from which there was no other exit. Les chose his escape by jumping through a window. This flying leap from two stories high ended in a very hard landing.

The commencement for this class was held in conjunction with Hanover High School at Parker Auditorium on the Hanover College Campus. In the fall, the high school students were transported to Southwestern, but the elementary remained at Saluda until second semester awaiting the completion of the new building at Hanover. Saluda Principal, Mr. Bruce Taylor became the Southwestern Elementary principal, and Delbert King became the new Southwestern Principal.

The bell which sounded the end of recess is now on display in the monument at the Saluda High School site. Its weight 18 ½ pounds, 25 inches long, 2 ½ inches at crown, 5/8 inches pin, 5 inches diameter of hammer. The clapper tongue is metal made of 13 parts copper and four parts tin. The carriage is made of cast steel, cast date is not obvious, bell and clapper are a pair and embossed with #36, manufacturer is National Bell Foundry Company, Cincinnati, OH.

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