Saluda High School Reunions

Through the 50 years that Saluda High School was open, there were a total of 48 commencement exercises. During these years, 430 graduates received diplomas of which 172 are still living as of 2010. It seems as if more girls graduated than boys with a total of 231 girls and 199 boys graduating. The number of Saluda alumni who are still living is 92 women and 80 men. The number of graduates per year was less than 20 with two years having only one person graduate.

The oral recollections and the published records of the high school and its predecessors, the common schools, are a testament by Saluda residents of their commitment to the importance of education. The spirit and loyalty of the students, faculty, staff, bus drivers and parents were the foundation upon which a graduate excelled.

The alumni continue to hold a reunion banquet every year on the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day weekend. The banquet began in 1937 and Bertha Huttsel Benham is the only alumnus who has attended all of them as of 2010.

Alumni Photo Gallery

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Alumni Banquet 2012


2010 Reunion Photo

Group 1 (top) Row 1:
Paulina Morris Giltner (1934), Betty McDonald King (1946), Wesley Turner (1943), Kenneth Sever (1945), Wilma Benham Wykoff (1945), Maxine Ligon Crafton (1944), Virgil Stockdale (1950), Carol Wheate Baker (1949), Mina King Firth (1939)
Group 1 (top) Row 2:
Hildon Bell (1954), Douglas Stanley (1954), John Clapp (1950), Bill Nighbert (1947), Donald Joe King (1941), Arlan “Bud” King (1947), Barbara King Clapp (1954), Maurice Auxier (1953), Bertha Hutsell Benham (1935), Paul King (1936)
Group 1 (top) Row 3: Ruby Taylor Wehner (1954), Nina Bates Youngblood (1949), Irene Benham Neal (1949), R. Donald O’Neal (1951), Alice Taylor Lloyd (1940), Shirley O’Neal Roseberry (1954), Eva York Johnson (1948), Alice Bennett Nichols (1954), Kathleen Norris Lohrig (1946), Louise Pulliam Bear (1949), Jean King Epperson (1943), Wendall Bare (1952), George Schirmer (1952)
Group 2 (bottom) Row 1: Chasteen Williams (1953), Ruby Bruce Williams (1953), Linda Bowman Elles (1960), Nancy Montgomery (1960), Don Bair (1958), Edi Ellis Hayes (1958)
Group 2 (bottom) Row 2: John Stoner (1959), Gene Warman (1956), Phyllis Ford Widich (1958), Arvil Tyree (1955), Janice Hardy Stanley ( 1955), Wilma Stockdale Cox (1955), Mary Rowlett Heitz (1956), Dwight Briuther (1960), Robertine Cowles Stoner (1959), Julianne Taylor Stanley (1956)
Group 2 (bottom) Row 3: Sue Benham Christman (1948), Nelson “Bud” Horine (1960)k Don Amick (1959), Rosalee Bowman Amick (1958), Ronald Bowman (1957), William Moore (1957), Ruby Horine Nichols (1957), Phillip Bibb (1959), Betty Hooker Yunker (1956), Elaine Taylor Bair (1959), Donald Cleffman (1959)


Past Reunions

Bell Dedication

The Saluda Alumni Association erected a memorial in 1985 dedicated to all of the graduates of Saluda High School. The memorial sits on a portion of the property where the school once stood before fire destroyed it. To read more click on the story below.

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