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The Ten Cent School Lives On…

(By Maurice Auxier)

My family bought the old Fred Crafton Farm in 1942, which is where the Ten Cent School was built. (I’m assuming when the school was abandoned back then the property reverted back to the original owners.) My father bought the farm a couple of years before we moved from Virginia. I do not know how long Mr. Crafton owned the farm prior to my family purchasing it. When we took possession of the farm, a gentleman by the name of Tom Law was living in the school house. I used to go down and visit with him. I remember he had a beard, and made home brew. The interior was all intact and the blackboards were still on the walls, and there was a pot belly stove that sat on the right hand side when you came in the door. There were two other people who lived in the school while we owned it, but I can’t remember their names.

Converting the School into a House

Later on my father put a garage door in the front and used it to store machinery. In 1954 my father deeded the property to my older brother Joe Auxier who converted it into a home. The frame work, including all walls, flooring, ceiling joists and rafters were left intact and the interior was divided into four or five rooms, which included a bath, kitchen and central heating system. A well was also drilled on the property because there was wasn’t one when the school was built. I am assuming the school got its drinking water from a dug well that was located a few hundred feet west of the school where a two-room house stood.

The School Today

In 1959 my brother sold the house to John and Cordie Hay who added a small screened-in porch to the east end, which is still there today. When Mr. Hay died in 1963, the house was deeded to his nephew Donald Bair and his wife Elaine who had the vision to turn it into the beautiful home it is today.

I want to thank Don and Elaine for sharing their pictures with us. As mentioned above, the original framing, with the exception of the second floor, remains in the present day structure. And the original school was built by a relative of Don Bair.

These photos show the three transformations the Ten Cent School has gone through over the years.

Original Ten Cent School


Auxier Residence; 1st Conversion


The Bair Home, Today

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