Saluda High School (1910 – 1960)

The Saluda High School officially opened on December 10, 1910 and incorporated all high school students in Saluda Township. It ran successfully for 50 years with 430 graduates receiving diplomas, and then closed its doors permanently in 1960. Saluda High students were then consolidated with Hanover and named Southwestern.

“Yes, there have been days – Fridays particularly – when we rushed out of the building hoping never to enter it again. By Monday, however, we are just as eager to enter as we were to leave on Friday. We are reminded of this particularly after we have graduated for sometime – what a thrill to see once more the quaint old school, to feel the warm atmosphere, and breathe the friendly air of Saluda.”

The Opening of Saluda High

This is an excerpt taken from The Madison Courier:

December 10, 1910 – The Saluda school is a modern building and one that the people of Saluda Township can well feel proud of. They have a large class of beginners. It will be of great value to the community. Patrons, you should see the building and think what good it will be to yours, your neighbors’ boys or girls, before you pass your opinion on it. Trustee Dawson and the advisory board deserve much credit for their zealous work on the new high school building. The Saluda High School building was formerly dedicated with appropriate ceremonies. Professor Burnworth was master of ceremonies. The students rendered some very appropriate music, showing to good advantage Saluda’s musical talent. Professor Burnworth gave a talk on the advantages of a high school to Saluda Township. Dr Mills, of Hanover, gave and instructive and inspiring talk. Professor Phelps, of Hanover, made his first speech in Saluda, and we will be glad to hear him again. Auditor elect A. M. Taff presented the school with a fine flag and in the absence of W. S. Pender made the presentation speech. Professor Burnworth responded with a few well chosen remarks. The ceremonies closed with three cheers as Old Glory floated into place at the-top of the flagstaff. Professor Burnworth is now holding school in the new school building.

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