Saluda High Basketball

Indiana and basketball go together like “peas and carrots,” and there was no exception to this rule at Saluda High. There was a men’s basketball team not long after the school opened its doors for the first time in 1910. Games and scores were officially recorded as early as 1912 when the players had to use the outdoor basketball court or borrow the gym at Hanover.

Playing Without an Indoor Gym

In 1912 Roy Dawson was the basketball coach. The basketball team members were Charles Monroe, Herbert Jones, Paul Rankin, Lawrence Roberts, Andrew Jackson, Homer King, Frank Arbuckle and Verne Hooker. Their schedule included Kent, Hanover, Charlestown and Deputy, and their colors were red, blue, and some white.

There was also a girls’ basketball team consisting of Lora Lawson, Beulah Goins, Ethel Davidson, Lizzie Sampson, Martha Jackson and Mable Goins. Their coach was Ora Hearn.

Before a wooden gymnasium was constructed at Saluda High in the 1930s, the students and players were very clever in creating a make-shift place to play ball. An excerpt from a letter written in 1923 by Saluda student James McKeand provides a great example:

“During high school, we had a basketball team which included some WW I veterans (1919-1927).We played on an outside court just south of the old building. During 1921-23, we established an indoor floor by taking out a wall between the two west rooms, inserting a sliding partition so we could use the classrooms by day and the basketball floor after school. We had a few night games by using gasoline lanterns. We played in sectional tournaments in Scottsburg and Hanover. I played in the 1920-23 season.”

(For more excerpts and information about Saluda High, visit “Memories” on this website.)

Saluda High Basketball Teams

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