Saluda High Faculty Members

There were many teachers who taught and influenced us as we grew up through the Saluda school system. We would like to honor all of these faculty members, but, unfortunately, only have photographs of a few. Most of the teachers on this page were actually Saluda graduates who returned to their Alma Matter later, as teachers, with the exception of Principal O.C. Boyer and Mary Sample who have been with us throughout the years.

Our Teachers

1922 Saluda Graduate, Clete Hooker
1930 Saluda Graduate, Martha Hostetler
Excerpt on O.C. Boyer:

1931 - O.C. Boyer and seven boys of the Saluda High School attended the banquet and older boys' agriculture conference at North Vernon, Friday afternoon and night.
Excerpt on Mary Sample:

1934 - The high school music and drama teacher, Miss Mary Sample, directed the play titled, "Paul, the Prisoner of the Lord". The churches in the community dismissed Sunday evening services and packed the school auditorium for this spiritual drama.
Excerpt on Elnora Henney:

1934 - When Miss Elnora Henney was the teacher, she was conducting class and finally acknowledged Clarence Joyce's uplifted hand. He said "Miss Elnora, the school house is on fire." She led the pupils to safety and Sweet Saluda was gone.
1933 Graduate, Fern Flint Stockdale
1935 Graduate, Florence Flint Carlisle
Excerpt on Ruth Wilson:

1936 - Miss Ruth Wilson rode the bus and we sat on wooden benches in the bus. One morning, Miss Ruth was so cold after her long ride that she was crying. When we arrived at the school, Miss Gladys Burns and another teacher were very concerned about her.
Excerpt on Cory Benham:

1940 - Cory Benham heads the mathematics department which has a record for itself. In no other township in the county is trigonometry taught.
1940 Graduate – John Bare
1945 Graduate – Erma Hooker Brooks
Excerpt on Gladys Johnson:

1955 - When Harry Pender would shovel the coal into the furnace, sparks would fly out of the chimney into the air and ignite the wooden shingles. The fire alarm would ring a loud bong and we would all march out the door. Miss Gladys would tell us to go to the trees. Usually, the high school boys would climb up onto the roof and using a bucket brigade, put out the flames in short order.
However, once, the blaze had a head start. Miss Gladys became so concerned that she and other teachers returned into the burning building. They frantically threw the books out the windows for the students to pick up and "run for your life back to the trees".
Excerpt on Delbert King:

1957 - The highlight of this year was the winning basketball team. Varsity Team members: William Calvert, Les Cook, Kendall Horine, Donald Cleffman, Ralph Vest, Dwight Bruther, Andy Giltner, Ronald Bowman, Terry Jackson, John Stoner and coach, Delbert King. In 1961, Delbert King became the new Southwestern Principal.
Excerpt on Janice Hardy:

1960 - Janice Hardy was the last graduate to return as a teacher to her Alma Mater, teaching Latin and Social Studies.

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