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Saluda alumni, friends and family can use this page to share comments and photographs.

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50th Anniversary Speech by Maurice Auxier

To read the opening speech to the Saluda High School alumni 50th year reunion, please click on the link below. If you have problems in opening this file (or any other .pdf files on this website), you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader at

50th Year Reunion Speech

8 Responses to “Share Memories”

  • Joyce Varble Perkins:

    What a wonderful adventure thru time. As a child riding Harry Schrimer ‘s school bus and living and growing up in Saluda Bottoms I remember all of this well, and to see a picture of my Dad’s farm and the Omer Comingore farm brings all of this forward in my memories . What a wonderful thing you have done in presenting this so others can enjoy and preserving these memories for others . My heartfelt Thank to you.

  • Glen E Bowman:

    I am puzzled by the 1951 class photo which pictures my uncle, Verlin Bowman. You see, I started the first grade during the year 1950-1951. During that year I only saw my uncle at the school 1 time and that was on what I recall was called Field Day. I rode Dave McClellan’s bus. Verlin, if he rode the buss would have rode either Dave McClellan’s or Tom Hall’s bus. I don’t recall ever seeing him on Dave’s bus. It is possible that Verlin may have drove my grandfather’s (Verlin’s father’s) car and did not take the bus. I knew Verlin graduated about the time I started shcool. If my memory serves me correctly (and I will admit it is not perfect). He graduated in 1950, not 1951. Anyway you might want to check this out. GEB, SHS class of ’62.

  • Burlyn Jackson:

    Glen is right, I graduated 8th grade in May 1950. Verlin was my neighbor at the time. He drove a slick looking car to school (Ford I think) to school every day. I will email a picture of cards from the senior class for that year.

  • Brent Maple:

    My late grandmother Norma Barnhill Stocklin graduated from Saluda High School in 1940. I googled and was thrilled to see a photo of the class of 1940… But, it’s really grainy and unclear..: I was hoping someone here could get the names so I could discern which one is her… I remember her telling me she had 13 in her class. Any help would be SO appreciated. Thank You!

    • Shirley King Deprez:

      Members of the class of 1940 were:
      Lloyd Bair
      Norma Barnhill (Stocklin)
      Elinor Clements (King)
      Marvin Davidson
      Maurice Horine
      Clarence Joyce
      Iris Leland (Barmore)
      Rebecca Martin (Haley)
      Charles Proffet
      Alice Taylor (Lloyd)
      James Witten

      • Brent Maple:

        Thanks for the response. Do you have any other photos of the class of 1940? Did you know my Grandmother? Norma Barnhill?

  • Julie Patterson:

    Hi there! I attended Southwestern Elementary in the 80s before we moved away. My father, Tom Patterson, graduated from Southwestern and returned to Madison as School Superintendent in the 2000s. I’ve always been curious as to why when Saluda and Hanover consolidated they chose the Rebels as their mascot, as opposed to the Lions or Bulldogs from the two schools. It was cool to come across this page in my exploration and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of an answer!

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